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Harrington Mason is a family run firm of qualified Chartered Accountants focused on providing tailored solutions for your Business Success.

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At Harrington Mason, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to ensure that your business system is the one that works best for you.

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You can focus on the big stuff while we help make your accounts seamless and invisible, giving you more space to focus on growing your business.

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Working with small businesses to deliver a solution tailored to suit you.

Gordon Mason Harrington Mason Chartered Accountant Wellington

Gordon Mason

I’ve had over 30 years of business and accountancy experience, but my love of numbers and ideas began well before I was old enough to join the workforce. My first venture into the world of business was at primary school. I’d stop by the corner shop on my way to school,  and use pocket money I had saved to buy lollipops. I would then on-sell them in the playground. It was a roaring success, all the kids wanted them. Unfortunately it came to an abrupt end when I was busted and sent to the principal’s office. But these basic principles of business I applied back then have stayed with me, being able to capitalise on opportunities as they arise and being prepared for the ups and downs that go with them.

I left school and joined my father’s accountancy firm in Blenheim as a junior, learning from the grass roots up about people and business and how they work together to make for success. I ventured into tertiary studies and on completion moved to Wellington and gained more experience working with a variety of different clients, helping to work out what they want and need from their accountant.

A spark was ignited in me the instant I founded Harrington Mason Chartered Accountants in 2015.   No longer bound by timesheets and charge rates I set up my practice to apply my experience and share this knowledge in a down to earth, friendly and value for money way. Building a connection is key and I know that no single approach is the right one for everyone. I’m a good listener and build an honest and open rapport with my clients, sharing knowledge, solving tax and financial matters and capitalising on opportunities.

Having time to spend on my passions, (other than work) is important to me. Taking time to unplug and enjoy hobbies and time with family and friends. I’ve developed a passion for cooking and baking. I love to plan meals, do the shopping and being in the kitchen, is a time when I can switch off, get creative and share the results, the good, the bad and the often ugly.

I look forward to sharing and collaborating with you in your business growth.

Trish Mason

After 20 years of working in the health sector in various finance and leadership roles, I felt disillusioned and knew there must be more to life. I resigned from the treadmill of corporate life and took a 12 month break that included a long desired exploration of India. As well as travels we welcomed an addition to our family, a cocker spaniel Ernie who keeps me laughing and muddy on the treks we take around Wellington.

My musical guilty pleasures include ZZ Top, Blondie, Neil Diamond and who can resist Queens “I want to break free”, an anthem I’ve been belting out for decades, especially when the travel bug has bitten. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled extensively, learning about different cultures, the people and especially the delicious cuisines, the Middle East and Asia are favourite spots. I’m always planning the next adventure; it keeps me motivated and half the fun is in the researching and anticipation.

Trish Mason Harrington Mason Chartered Accountants

I joined as Practice Manager at Harrington Mason, as Gordon needed help as the practice expanded and I felt refreshed and ready for the challenge. I love the work life balance and flexible working environment,  it means I can give the best of myself to support our clients and their business’s, keep the practice running smoothly, all while having time to spend with family, friends and enjoying life.

Ernie, Harrington Mason Wellness Officer, Harrington Mason Chartered Accountant Wellington


Ernie is our wellbeing officer and in charge of creating a relaxed and happy work environment. He spends his time looking for snacks, encouraging more breaks and snoozing on the job. He loves to meet and great people, especially children.